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Overview :

Zoosk is one of the fastest growing online-dating websites. The site attracts millions of users due to its fun and easy to use platform. Zoosk cuts down on the amount of effort you have to invest in searching. Every day it presents a new “SmartDate” which is recommended based on your previous behavior on the site. We really liked this feature, as these suggestions often shared a lot of common interests with me.

Zoosk SC

The registration process with Zoosk is very easy. You can either use your Facebook or Google credentials (recommended) or register with your email address. After the initial registration you are asked to fill out a short questionnaire focusing on a few key characteristics such as your height, ethnicity and religion. In a final step you are prompted to upload a picture. I really strongly recommend you do so, as without a picture your chances attracting attention from other members are slimmer than a model during fashion week.



I said it in the beginning: Zoosk has a great product and some claim it to be the most advanced. Obviously that is a subjective assessment; however, the usability is intuitive. Once you are logged in you are presented with members who fit your search criteria. You can add these people as friends send them a wink or buy a small, digital gift in order to express your interest. I have not tried out this feature as I doubt its effectiveness. What good is a virtual gift, when a well thought out message is a much more endearing gesture.

Safety :

Zoosk does not make any compromise when it comes to safety. The company uses state of the art encryption technology to ensure your data is safe. The customer care team tries to delete fake profiles in order to increase the quality of the platform.

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Overall assessment of Zoosk :

Zoosk has a great product and one of the fastest growing member bases in the world. These two facts alone make it a very attractive option for anybody who wants to meet knew people. Joining Zoosk is definitely fun – give it a try.


Options Total Cost Cost Per Month Savings
Free Basic Membership 0! 0!
1 month membership $29.95 $29.95 0%
3 months membership $59.85 $19.95 33%
6 months membership $74.95 $12.49 58%