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Are you looking for a casual relationship without the sleaziness typically associated with adult dating sites? If yes, then C-date is definitely worth checking out. The large community of educated individuals are mostly looking for some fun. However the user base seems to attract those with a certain level of quality. Casual Date is the online hotspot for fast intimate contacts. The entire page is well-designed and a very upscale and has a high-quality feel about it. Most of the users I was in contact with are in their mid to late 30s. Of course you can find younger members (over 18) as well, but they do not seem to be as active as the latter users. Overall, the pictures on the profiles speak for themselves and invite you to quickly meet others for a first encounter.

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Usability and Safety:

C-date is a premium casual dating site and hence, safety and confidentiality is taken very seriously. Users can decide who can view their pictures via the photo privacy settings. C-date also uses some of the best encrypting and firewall software available. All communications and personal information is kept secure.

A word of advice, finding a casual partner can take time, and there are a lot of profiles which are no longer active, but then again, the best things never come easy.

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